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Pancyprian Cultural and Educational Association


Since September 2016, our association is participating in a new EU Erasmus plus project called NEW SKILLS-NEW JOBS.

Basically this projects is investigating the situation in 5 EU countries about unemployment rate and about how we can exchange good practices to help people with disabilities to get educated (skills etc) in order to be more able and have more possibilities to find a job.

In this very important project the participating countries are Hungary (coordinator), Cyprus, Estonia, Czech Republic and Spain.

The participants are considered professionals in the field having a lot of experiences to share.

The project ends August 2018 and there is too much enthusiasm in the group of countries to present (and learn) the best available practices.

The photo below is from the visit of the group in Cyprus and more particular Agia Skepi foundation (Holy Maria protection).

In this highly protected place, drag users learn how to overcome their fears and their dependences, in order to become healthy again and at the same time they learn some skills (e.g traditional and biological products production) which will help them to find a job, after finish the 2 years program.