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Pancyprian Cultural and Educational Association


The CYPRUS ADULT EDUCATION ASSOCIATION (CAEA) is a national non-governmental organization, member of the International Council for Adult Education and  the European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA).  CAEA established in 1982 and is one of the oldest Adult Education associations in Europe.

CAEA aims in promoting Adult Education in Cyprus, advocating for the rights of the citizens for education and promoting cooperation between different countries.

CAEA identified areas of Adult Education which could develop the people of Cyprus and their cooperation with Europe. Such areas are: Parents Education, Senior Citizens Education, Generational cooperation, Training of Trainers, Basic Education, International Cooperation, Intercultural Learning, Trade Unions education, Consumers education, disabilities awareness, Dyslexia, literacy and employability,

Many in Service training courses and seminars are organized with participants from all European countries. Emphasis is given to generational cooperation, education for senior citizens, intercultural learning, basic education etc.

CAEA with DVV-Germany  funding, organized in Cyprus in 2002, the first Mediterranean Conference in Adult Education where countries from Southern Europe and  North Africa participated. In 2004 the third Mediterranean Conference on Adult Education was organized in Cyprus.

The last 8 years CAEA participates  in Grundtvig ,Leonardo and other actions projects  and cooperates with 25 european countries. Areas of cooperation includes Reading and Writing  difficulties of Adults, Dyslexia, Flexible Learning in Adult Education, Senior Citizens Education, Intercultural Learning, Adult Learners Week, employment strategies, the Consumers rights,   Training of professional trainers, training in non formal education, Development of human Resources, Family education, ICT training, employment opportunities for 50+ persons, Generational Cooperation etc.  Names of projects participated: TOP, STURET, DOLCETA, FAIRSTART, DYS2, TRAIN, DARE2, PEFETE, etc

The founder  and President of the Cyprus Adult Education Association Klitos Symeonides (MA in Adult Education) is a professional Adult Educator. He is ex Grundtvig National Agency for Cyprus and ex responsible for Adult Education at the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus. He represented Cyprus in many important conferences and meetings.  He is managing all projects.  He was also the organizer in Cyprus of about 10 seminars-in service training courses  for the last 10 years.  Symeonides was member of the executive board of EAEA (European Association for the Education of Adults).

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